I am the definition of pathetic:  I tried to buy a cup of coffee and came up seventeen cents short.  Broke — I’m the definition of broke, too.  Anyway: this post is long, and long overdue.

So last Friday, I came home from class at 4ish to find the suitemates going on a cleaning rampage, which I immediately joined.  You should know that this is not normal activity for us.  Sarah and Jennif were visiting, and we had to make the place look spiffy again, and boy did we accomplish it, complete with palm trees in the bathroom.  Anyway, so Sarah and Jennif get here, and we do the scream-y in the parking lot thing before the mini-tour of the uberclean room thing, followed by the let’s go nuts thing.  So six members of the Six Pack, along with Kristin and Katie, all head out to TGI Friday’s.  For those of you who can’t count (don’t worry, I won’t name names), that’s eight people, so we take two cars and I arrive at the restaurant second.  As soon as the pack from my car walks in, Anna looks at me and says, “Right Rachel?  It’s your birthday today.  Right?”  To which I respond by a)blinking and b)saying, “Why yes.  Yes, it is my birthday today.”

Let the record show this incident occured on February 4th.

In my defense, I didn’t know there would be free dessert involved. (I was hoping there would be, but I didn’t know.)  And, okay, I was pretty sure there would be singing, but what’s the harm there?  But I absolutely did not know about the balloons.  Apparently, it’s policy at Friday’s to have every member of the waitstaff tie a balloon to each person celebrating his or her birthday.  Or, in my case, a person celebrating February 4th.

Six.  Six balloons, in my hair, on my wrists, around my ear — and eventually distributed among my so-called friends who put me up to this.  Then came the singing, followed by the dessert, which I swear I meant to split with the group but darn it if it was only big enough to feed Sarah and me.  Besides:  embarassment, balloons, singing, and flat-out lying which will send me straight to hell, can only truly be evened out with some good dessert.

Apparently Anna thought the scales were still just a wee bit tipped.  Our waiter, Corey, who I admired because he was wearing a “Book-It” pin (remember those days?), comes by at the end of the meal and asks if we need anything else.  “A kiss for the birthday girl,” says Anna.

Everything gets fuzzy for a second here.

I daze back into the moment when I realize Sarah is patting the top of my head and saying, “On the head, on the head,” as in, kiss her smack-dab on the top of the head, when Book-It Corey says, “That’s not very intimate.  How about I kiss her on the cheek.”  Which is precisely what he proceeds to do.  I don’t exactly remember because things got fuzzy again, but there are pictures so I’m pretty sure it happened.

Then it’s off to the suite for Better-Than-Sex cake by Sarah, followed by gabbing until the wee hours of the morning and then bed.  The first part of my Saturday was consumed by annoying working-ness which makes me go arrgh, but it’s okay because I followed that up with a run to Caribou and who should be there but…well, Andy, but besides him…Superman!  The unseasonable warmth brought Superman out of his lair, in a tank top no less, to his favored hangout, the intersection across from Caribou and next to the DQ (I’m not even kidding.  Check out www.saintcloudsuperman.com if you want to be amazed, my favorite part is where he says he’s a ‘model’).

Seeing Superman has got to be a good omen, right?  So I go back to the suite, where Jennif is sleeping like it is her job.  Eventually she wakes up and we all go to “The Wedding Date,” which is a movie.  That’s all I will say.  That, and if you want a favorable review of this movie, don’t ask me.  That’s all I’m saying.  Next, Old Chicago, where I’ve never been before (amazing, I’ve lived here for a year and a half and it takes a visit from friends who moved away almost a year ago to get me to experience these things), and it’s great; then back home for Minnesota-Shminnesota!

You’re in the dark right now, aren’t you.  I’m tempted to leave you there…but this story is too good to be left untold.

Sarah’s friends make fun of her Minnesotan accent.  Compared to, say, everyone else in Minnesota, Sarah does not have an accent.  We needed to prove this point by making a movie (logical).  So, we spent the next few hours making props — the extent of which were signs bearing the menu of “Dawn-Cha-Know Deli” and the prices of bait at “Broadbent’s Bait-N-Tackle” — writing the script, acting, filming, and laughing.  Big yay for Olivia White (Sarah), Pearl Woods Broadbent (Anna), Dawn McDonald (Keely), Carol Peterson (Me), Sheriff Sherry Swanson (Jennif) and Tony (in his cinematic debut, Jeff).  And let me tell you, the finished product is amazing.  If there was an Oscar category for Best Five Minute Film About Minnesota Created In Less Than Four Hours by a Cast and Crew of Less Than Ten People, we would easily be in the top ten.

Sunday was memorable only because I got to say, “We would help you pack, but we don’t want you to leave.”

Overall it was a great weekend, a fabulous weekend, one of the best weekends of the year.  Superbowl-Shmuperbowl — who needs distractions like that when you got crazy friends like mine?


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