Who does this?

I’m going to get up in eight hours, dress myself in black from head to toe, and go to a children’s show of “The Magic School Bus.”  There I will, apparently, handle props.  Hope this means I get to drive the bus onstage or something.  Then I will walk across campus, still all in black, for a class where the conversation goes something like this:  “What is this person doing in this cartoon?  Walking, that’s correct, class!”  This is all said in Spanish, making it sound smarter and far more confusing than it actually is.  Then I will change out of the black and into my traditional uniform of grubby clothes to roll around in sawdust and/or break drill bits.  This is only a short reprieve from the black, as I will spend 6 hours in the evening back (yes I’m back…back in black) at the BAC for more Bus action.

Hopefully I never have to write a “What I did over the weekend” paper for Spanish.  It doesn’t even make sense in English.


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