The continuing misadventures of Rae-Rae…

So tonight Katie brought to my attention an apple which had been in our fridge for about a week.  Since I was the one who put it there and did not eat it, I decided I better take care of it by pitching it in the dumpster down the hall.  On the way back I thought hey, why not stop by Sabby, Heather, Jenni, and Gena’s room?  So I did, and they screamed when I showed up like they always do.  I think that’s why I go, because no one ever gets that excited to see me in real life.

I spent a good forty five minutes talking to Heather, my future summer roommate (yay!), before she admits that she does not have her contacts in and can’t actually see me.  That’s kind of an odd feeling.  At about midnight we were all just chilling on the floor, eating Salty Stix (ew), remarking that there should have been a campfire in the center.  Suddenly, Sabrina enters the room in pjs and sandals.  “So, who wants to go to the bus stop with me?  Rachel?  Yeah?”

You’re thinking there should be a backstory to that, like the bus stop is code for something much cooler, but no.  I was just as confused then as you are now, and I said so.  “There’s a huge FSU poster there that we need to take.  Let’s go, Rachel, let’s go…”  FSU is Fred Savage and the Unbeatables, a campus band with which Sabrina is obsessed.  Creepily.  I mean, they’re good, but stealing a poster from the bus stop?

A few minutes later, Sabrina and I are on our way to the bus stop.  We get a few feet from the door when security pulls in behind us.  We kind of bump into each other and keep walking, past the bus stop, like we’re heading to the library.  At midnight.  Real cool.  We turn around behind a snowbank, thinking we’ve thwarted security, when we realize they weren’t actually after us at all.  They were coming to lock the bus stop.  Had we left a minute earlier, we would have been caught.

At this point it becomes impossible not to giggle.

Security takes off, so we turn back and, just for the hell of it, try the door.  It is, of course, locked, but we notice something: the FSU poster is missing.  We were so focused on our devious task that we hadn’t realized the poster we were about to steal was actually advertising something about bowling.  So had we left a minute earlier, we would have been caught stealing a bowling poster.

At this point it becomes impossible not to burst into hysterical laughter.


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