In the year 2005 I resolve to:
Invade a small county.

Get your resolution here.

I fully believe that buying this CD was one of the better decisions I’ve ever made.  I think I know everyone reading this fairly well, so I think I can safely say…go buy it.  It’s amazing.  I think I’ve listened to it four times just tonight.  The song I’m listening to begins with, “I drink good coffee every morning.”  This speaks to me.

So, my classes etcetera….
ODD Days:
1:00-2:10 Spanish Composition (EEEEEEEEEEEEEK!) @ CSB
2:30-5:00 Work in the tech shop

EVEN Days:
9:40-10:50 Gender and Communication (with Keely!)
11:20-12:30 Creative Reading and Writing (with Angi and Liz!)
2:40-3:50 Intro to Literary Theory (with Luke and Jennif’s crazy ex-symposium prof!)
….All three located on the third floor of the Quad at SJU (and today the elevator was broken, NOT OKAY).  I’m contemplating staking out a janitor’s closet or something and living there for the semester.

What else in my life…mmm…still working theater, still working sports — have actually gained newfound enthusiasm for the sports job and am getting as ahead as humanly possible before whatever I’m on wears off — planning to quit speech team, have been “hired” (won’t be paid) by the Record sports staff again, working on app. to study abroad in London, still have no idea what the hell I’m going to major in, completely and utterly broke (CD paid for with gift certificate), tired, and yet insomniac at the same time.  Still me, what can I say.


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