(Rereading an old favorite)

Holy crap, break’s over and I haven’t accomplished ANYTHING!  Instead I’ve been, in Jenna’s words, “such a pile.”  I’ve done nothing, people, but have a damn good time with my dearest friends…no wonder I didn’t get anything done.  One thing’s for sure, the sleep schedule has GOT to change.  I haven’t had any responsibilties before noon in about a month…I’m in trouble.

In other, better news, and for once amidst the random outbursts I do bring you a bit of actual news: my brother is officially engaged!!!!  I’m going to have/be a sister-in-law!  He finally “popped the question” in St. Louis on Thursday, and although we all have been introducing her as “Kevin’s fiance” for a while now, it’s exciting to know that the ring is actually on the finger.  The wedding is not going to be for almost another year and a half, but I’m still excited for them.  I’m excited for me, too, because I get to be a bridesmaid!  I’ve never been in a wedding….haven’t actually been to many weddings, either.  Isn’t this exciting????…no?  Not so much for you?  Well, I know at least I made Keely’s day!


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