I want to have a heartfelt little message like Sarah’s!  Except my year wasn’t that heartfelt.  I mean, it was, but…what does that word even mean?  My year wasn’t quite so full of changes, how’s that.  At this time last year I had long hair.  Longish.  Longer, I guess.  And now I do not.  And that’s about all that’s happened to me in 2004.

Hopefully right now you are saying to yourself, Silly Rachel, you know your year was more interesting than that.  If you were not saying this to yourself, I hope you were saying it to someone else, otherwise I don’t want to know what you think of my life.  Anyway, sure, my year was slightly interesting, but not a whole lot happened.  I read a lot of books (like the one above, which I read in its entirety yesterday, which I now regret, because I want to still be reading it.  It was that good).  Watched an obscene amount of movies.  Was introduced to the dollar theater by Lizz and Kat.  Hey, that’s something…in the past year, I lived with Jenna, Angi, Lizz, Gaby, Karen, Krista, Kat, Keely, Kristin, Katie, Anna, and Jesse, and kind of Ari.  Not bad for a girl who never really learned to share.  Fantasized about impossible-to-get-boys, none of whom I’ve spoken too aside from the occasional “Hey…You” in my direction which, let me tell you, is enough to get me through the week (In short, fantasized about straight men).

I have a pretty grand fantasy life — and no, not about that — but about everything: becoming a journalist.  Writing a book.  Writing a movie.  Becoming Wonderwoman.  Everytime I walk past a parked bus I contemplate stealing it (this has been an issue since before CSB; I also used to get the urge to steal UPS trucks, but I haven’t seen one in a while).  So it’s getting difficult for me to seperate what I actually did this past year from what I thought about doing.  I mean, I realize I’ve never actually hijacked a bus (…yet).  But the thought has gone through my head enough times that it almost counts in my version of reality.

Hmm.  What was I saying again?  Oh, right.  Goodbye 2004.  You were good to me.  Excuse me, I’m going to go fantasize about what 2005 might bring (I’m hoping for Peanut M&Ms).


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  1. I remember the bus fetish.  I was taking you thru downtown Chicago and you kept insisting on stealing the arts school bus…I never knew this was such a thing for you!  Ya learn something new everyday.   And yes, your 2004 was exciting- you met ME for goodness sakes.  That’s ranging to the point of excitment overload!  I love you Rachel and I am hoping your 2005 is like a dream.

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