Bwzaa!  Tons going on in the world of Rae (total lie).  Here’s the highlights, aside from the sleeping and the coffee-ing.

Currently reading “The Pleasure of My Company” by Steve Martin; currently watching season one and two of “Quantum Leap” (yay for Santa!), currently listening to “MMHMM” by Relient K (bought that one myself with one of my thousand gift cards).

Christmas went off without a hitch, I hope we didn’t scare Angela away too much…Santa was good to me, as was my brother, who went nutso with the gift cards for me and bought mummy and daddy a dvd/vcr combo.  The Christmas movie was “Spanglish”, I reccommend it.  Have been highly social this week starting yesterday…I was supposed to have plans with Andy, but I couldn’t get ahold of him and was getting annoyed, so I just started going through my phone book and inviting everyone I knew to my house…then I asked my parents if it was okay.  Smooth.  The half dozen or so who showed up played Trivial Pursuit and watched “Kingpin” (present from Andy) and stayed up far too late.  Today the girls — Lacy, Becca, Amelia — and I went to St. Cloud (YES, I went back, I know, I know) and had some shopping action (ask me about my two FREE posters from Electric Fetus and you will be amazed by how much I can bore you), followed by some bowling action for Mark’s birthday.  I failed to get a strike but it was still fun.  CK and I passed up the bar action that followed — it was his 21st, after all, and everyone else is of age — and went to our respective houses.  My excuse, besides being 19, was how tired I am, and yet look at me now.  (To my defense, I was working).

Tomorrow will be a chill day, and Friday will be a “Girls’ Night” rather than our usual New Years Extravaganza because most everyone is busy anyway…why has everyone but me suddenly developed a life?


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