I came home on Wednesday (holy wow — is the font super huge to you guys?  Maybe it’s just my home computer playing with my mind.  It is unbelievably cold in this room, maybe I’m hallucinating) at about ten p.m. after probably the most stressful of my finals week experiences…We went over the staying up until 5 aspect followed by the theo test.  I forgot to mention my evaluation with boss Brian, who must have noted the “Do-not-mess-with-the-Rachel” attitude I often have when overtired, and he actually told me to schedule “Rachel Happy Time” next semester.  I’m going to take him up on that offer.  I also mentioned that I’ve switched majors (again) to English — because if you’re looking for a sign from God, advice from a nun is about as clear as it gets.  That day wrapped up with the unwrapping of Christmas presents and good times were had.  Then there was just packing, last minute errands, and the art test, which took me less than ten minutes after two hours of studying.

So anyway, Wednesday, mom was waiting up for me and we talked until about midnight.  She asked me what I wanted to do over break and I listed off about half a dozen books I wanted to read and couldn’t think of much else.  Relaxation is brilliant and very needed.  By the time I woke up Thursday, my mom had already been to work and come home sick, so I tried to be accomodating to her needs but wound up heading to both the library and Dairy Queen for myself.  Somehow in all of this I was conned into helping Lacy unpack, and spent two hours with her on Thursday…and like 15 on Friday.  I’ll have everyone know that I got my butt out of bed at 7:27 a.m. by my own free will.

I’ll never do that again.  But it was fun, for the caffeinated good times in Marshall and back to the mess of Lacy’s room.  By the end of the day I was seriously fading, and was out by midnight and did not emerge from my slumber until 1 (with the help of my alarm clock).  It’s just me and Dad (and the dog and the cat) today, so we (just me and dad, left the animals at home) ran to willmar and picked up presents for Mom.  So naturally we looked at a lot of power tools.  I accept this; it is the way of my father.  But for the first time in the history of ever my dad actually bought something for himself.  Just a little toolbox organizer thingie that he’d been staring at for a few minutes, but that didn’t dull the shock of seeing him actually swoop the thing off the shelf.  I was, and am, dumbfounded by this action.  My dad doesn’t impulse buy.  It goes against the rules of nature.

At any rate, most of the shopping is done, the rest I will do in Mankato on Monday with CK.  The rest of today was spent in pajamas (say it with me now…pa-jaaahhhhh-mas) reading “The Bourne Identity” like there is no tomorrow.  There will be a tomorrow, however, and I don’t know how I’m going to face it; I haven’t checked out “The Bourne Supremacy” yet and the library isn’t open until Monday.


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