Today in Theology class, we were talking about God (go figure!) and I began to think of how I ‘see’ God.  I’ve always kind of pictured a huge hooded figure with no definite face, no definite shape to the body — humanlike, but neither male nor female.  Then it struck me:  God looks like a dementor.  How wrong is that?  Then my professor drew a picture of “the wrong way to think about the creation story” and to me, it looked a lot like God was bowling.  If that’s wrong, I guess I don’t want to be right.



Thanksgiving day was decent.  I there were seventeen of us total — grandpa, my dad’s two sisters and their husbands, my five cousins, two cousins’ boyfriends and one’s girlfriend, and of course my mom, dad, brother and me.  We ate and left, a grand total of 2 hours of family time.  Then Dad and I watched 4 hours of American Choppers.  If there is a better way to bond I don’t know it.

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  1. The answer to your question is yes.  And yes Gimpy McBroken has returned with a vengence.  Haha, I had forgotten that little nickname.  You’re a funny gal.  the  thing that sucks is, you aren’t here to rush me to the hospital.  Crap. 

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