I made the trip from Concordia to St. Cloud in almost exactly two hours.  That’s 170 miles.  Any way you do the math, that’s not normal.

Anyway, the meet was decent, but I now suck at drama.  I was okay at it in high school, but unlike many members of my team (sense the bitterness, I dare you) I do not want to live in the past.  High school is over.  I think I should write a Program Oral Interpretation or After-Dinner Speech sometime during break.  Maybe I won’t suck at those.

Actually I didn’t do too poorly, but my piece is just under eight minutes and the time limit is 10 minutes in college; one judge actually told me that she would have given me a better score if I took longer.  So that’s something.  Still…going to switch.

The best parts of the weekend were: 1) not one but TWO positive comments from fellow competitors on my shoes.  That’s definitely the important thing anyway.  2) the freaking HUGE suite I shared with Cara, and the HUGE king size bed that I shared with no one.  (Shared a wall with James and VK.  Interesting story, I’ll tell you about it when you’re older.)  Come to think of it, 3) setting my cruise at 85 (I figured you’d be too lazy to do the math) and NOT getting pulled over was a pretty good element of the weekend as well.

I better get some sleep before I hang out with Lorie Line tomorrow.


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