You know it’s break time when you start getting mass e-mails from people you never hear from otherwise saying how excited they are to see you.  This break, like every other, I sent out an impersonal response saying much the same thing.  This break, like every other, I’m sure, I will see almost none of these people, and that’s okay.  Don’t get me wrong, I like everyone who e-mailed me: mostly kids from my class in high school.  This, of course, means I’ve known them, their parents, siblings, dogs, cats, and gerbils for a good 14 years.  Sometimes more.  So of course I like them, and I think some of them actually like me too, though we never really ‘hung out’ in high school.  I just don’t think we’ll see each other.

If I had to put money on it, I’d say I’ll be spending my time with the people who don’t have to mass e-mail, the people with whom I’ve actually stayed in contact…some less than others (an online fight to the death once in six months counts as staying in contact!)…the people with whom I spent time when I was sixteen because damn.  That was a good time.  And it will be again, oh yes, it will be again.


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