Wow, what’s with all my one-sentence or one-word updates lately?  Yeesh.  Must be either that life is boring or life is too damn exciting for me to make time to post.  Or it’s secret answer C, which is that I’ve been too tired to write anything worthwhile lately.  I think I took care of the tired thing this morning…and afternoon.  It’s not my fault I didn’t wake up until 1:30.  The power went out.  Not that I mind — in fact I should write a thank-you letter to the electricity company for making this possible — because it was strike of “The Oresteia” last night and I worked until 1:30 A.M., and by the time I got home I was tired.  I don’t think I even moved while I slept.

That’s basically how my weekend has gone.  Sleep and work, sometimes both at once.  Saturday I grumbled out of bed so I could be at work by 8:15 at SJU.  Then I fell asleep at the light board.  No one noticed, that’s how important I was at this event.  About 11:30ish I was able to go home and go back to bed.  At two I was just sort of coming out of the fog of sleep when Andy called, which inspired me to actually get out of bed.  Then there was some “Rachel-Caribou-Personal Velocity” time, followed by some “Rachel-Andy-Caribou-Electric Fetus-Lacy don’t kill me” time.  The evening concluded when two of my roommates ran away and I went to work….then to bed.

Today has gone like this:  Woke up, suffered the teasings of my roommates and almost-roommate Jeff, showered, did an hour of sports work, and did this.  I want a vacation because I’d really like to have more of the ‘this’ part of the day and less of the work.


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