I love Incubus.  Concerts are fun.  I think Andy and his friend Berg (who, it turns out, is adorable, and that’s the only way I can describe it.  I felt like saying, “Look at you!” in a baby voice and just felt like following him around all the time.  But don’t worry, I’m aware that this ‘cute’ thing is definitely an act.  Deceptively adorable.) would have had more fun without me because I’m not too much into the moshing and they were just kind of stuck with me…but I still had a good time, apart from the smelly, hairy dude with “No Regrets” tattoed on his neck who kept ending up next to or in front of me (now he was not adorable).  Still, we were kind of close to the stage and Brandon Boyd took off his shirt, and Incubus live sounds a lot like Incubus on cd, meaning I could understand everything and it was awesome.  I suck at grammar today, which is awesome, because I have an English exam in nine hours.  Gah, I love life.


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