I almost never make the right decision.  Damn you, hindsight.

That thought occurred to me Friday night as I was curled up in my sleeping bag, staring out the window at the Sears Tower.  A series of crazy decisions and weird rationale led me to this moment, which was pretty great, actually.  The whole Chicago weekend experience was pretty great.  I love my girls (even if I do use the phrase “Omigod!” eighty times more when I’m around them) and I started to fall for the city as well.  More visits will be necessary…oh yes…

But seriously…my decision-making skills are a bit lacking.  I think there are a few gaps in my brain.  Whoa.  Walk-in Wednesdays here I come.

Ooh…the sappiest of sappy movie speeches is going on right now…”you want the rest of your life to start right now”…damn but I love this movie.


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