My computer is radiating off heat like crazy.  I’m afraid my desk is going to melt pretty soon here.  That’s what I get for messing around on it for three-plus hours.


Every day I learn a hundred different things, most of them not in class, and I try to turn the mess into a message.  Today I think the lesson is just that the world is small and makes interesting circles.  I would have thought being at this school longer I would have met more people, but no, I just meet the same people over and over, and I’m not just talking about Aaron Toussaint who has introduced himself to me a record five times so far.  I mean…I know what I mean and I’ll leave it at that.  I guess I was expecting the world to get bigger than my hometown.  It’s more interesting here to be sure — I asked my mom for gossip from home and she told me who had moved in to the nursing home — but I’m getting restless.  Nothing makes sense.


And nothing in any of my classes helps makes sense of it all, either.  Today in theology (not a fan) we were talking about the Temple and its significance at the end of Jesus’ life and I think it was a pretty good discussion, but all I really remember is my professor mentioning one of Jesus’ disciples saying, ‘Master, look at the size of those stones, look at the size of those buildings,’ and Jesus says everything will be pulled down…and all I could think was, Wow.  You’re walking next to Jesus, you’re talking to someone you call Messiah, and all you can say is “DUDE!  Look at those rocks!  They’re HUGE!”


And the rest of the class faded away as I pondered this.  I’ll let you ponder if that makes me a terrible person or not.

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  1. I maintain that the majority of your “higher” education comes from outside the classroom. Don’t get me wrong, (theoretically) all the classwork will help you in the future, but there’s a lot more to your education than working to work later in life. In a way, it’s almost like the second to last step in the socialization process (unless you’re going to grad school). The final step then being the real workforce.And, dude, I’d probably do that if I were with Jesus.

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