Last night was all about the dancin’.  Kat, Angi and I watched “Center Stage.”  Yeah, not so much about the acting, that movie.  More about lines like “Whatever you’re feeling…just dance it” and “As a boyfriend, you kinda suck.”  Then, because we were in a dancing movie mood, we put in “Save the Last Dance.”  That’s a great movie title that has very little to do with the movie.  Anyway, this was fun.  It would have been more fun if our upstairs neighbors hadn’t taken advantage of Thirsty Thursday and turned into elephants having tantric sex on pogo sticks for 4 straight hours.  All of our walls were shaking and the doors were vibrating.  I took to the ceiling with a broom, got an unfriendly bunch of stompage in reply, and finally made face-to-face confrontation with a person, who said she would tell her roommates to shoot the elephants.  Or stop playing “Dance, Dance Revolution.”  One of the two.

Anyway, all of this dancing has inspired the roommies and I to become dollar dancers.  We’ve already perfected the shimmy, tonight we’re working the pole.


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