Saturday I woke up at 10:40 because I had a horrible nightmare about the pool.  I made Shell and Andy get up at 11 and we went to St. Cloud for “Anchorman.” Then we went to Fazoli’s.  (Here’s where the “If you thought yesterday was interesting…” part comes into play.)  Went through my little routine, lights off, air off, radio off…meh, guess that’s it.  Then, in an act sure to go down in “Stupid Rachel Antics History,” earning a spot somewhere between flattening a gas station ran gutter with my car and burning water, I locked my keys in my car.  In the ignition.  Turned on.  Yes, that’s right.  My car ran, locked, for the entire 30 minutes we were in the restaurant, the 20 seconds it took for me to realize my stupidity, and the 20 minutes it took Krista to come with my spares and save the day.  Andy and Michelle, in a chorus:  “How could you forget to turn your car off?  How could you do that?”  I don’t know!  You think I’m stupid on purpose?  You think I do this kind of thing for FUN?  Sigh.


It was great.


We did eventually get back to the apartment.  Soon after, Michelle left and Andy started getting the urge to watch “Empire Records.”  So Krista, Andy and I hopped into Andy‘s car this time (I desperately wanted him to screw up…just once) and went to buy the flick…by way of thrift stores.  Yay for thrift stores!  Amazing fun…I got a pink feathery snap bracelet, a fishy bathmat, a CD tower, and, oh man, a bowling ball.  It was at Savers, right next to the CD tower, which I was definitely going to get anyway.  I reached for it and teasingly told Andy something about how he should have a bowling ball to go with his bowling shoes, when he half-shouted, “It has your name on it!”  What?  Yes, indeed, the bowling ball was inscribed “RACHEL.”  No way could I pass that up.


We did, in case you were wondering, find “Empire Records” and watched it Saturday night.  And Krista found a Lego table.  Sweet.



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    Yes indeedy we had a good time!  Only more to come!!! 🙂  I love you Rachel Mary Peterson Peanut!!!
    I wish I would have been there for the bowling ball, but I know it’s exactly what will give you the powers to overtake, overthrow, dethrown the evil fingured Andy!  Maugh ha ha ha!!! (That’s my evil laugh)
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