Glorious weekend.  How glorious, you ask?  Let me count the ways.


Thursday I was busy all morning and skipped out of work (literally) at noon.  Jennif arrived at about 2ish, so we took off for the great city that is Willmar, cruised the strip (ha) and visited Lulu’s and Perkins before heading to Sonshine!  There we found a pretty decent spot near the Beer-Battered Deep Fried Cheese Curds stand (just saying the words will cause you to gain a pound…try it, I dare you).  Thursday we saw Jeremy Camp (cooler than I expected), Skillet (a lot more, um, hardcore than I expected), and Third Day (always put on a good show).  Then we ventured to the wonderous hometown to sleep.


Friday, 10 a.m. was wakey-wakey time.  We did a little tour of the village (feel free to quiz Jennif, she now knows all) before taking off again at 12:30.  First band of our day was Sanctus Real on the second stage.  The lead singer and I had a moment.  It was hot.  So was the weather.  After Sanctus Real we took in a little Apologetix, I wasn’t familiar with them but it was pretty funny.  Then back to the waterbottles and out to Arby’s for supper.  Once back at the grounds, we worked our way to the front of the main stage so we would have prime positioning for Relient K….an hour and a half later.  First we experienced the Supertones, who are ska-ish and cool but LOUD, perhaps our positioning wasn’t so prime after all.  Turns out definitely not, as everyone goes a little crazy, or as my mother puts it, “moshy”, for RK and poor Jennif and I had to fight off these crazy prepubescent girls behind us for a good twenty minutes during the soundcheck.  I was doing alright in the elbowing-pushing-thinking-non-Christian-thoughts war but Jennif, after being taken down during the first song, decided to get out of the “moshiness” before she was sacrificed.  I thought seriously about kicking the girl behind me, snapped a picture of Matt Thiessen and Matt Hoopes, and followed Jennif out.  While I was looking for her I came across Heidi from my high school.  All in all, the concert was short but good and much better farther from the stage.  Audio Adrenaline closed Friday, and back to the casa.


Saturday morning we actually saw my parents.  Home for two days and see my parents for an hour…yep, that’s about right.  Anyway, we talked to them and packed up and drove back to Sonshine for Superchic[k], a card game, and supper at Subway.  On the way back I managed an amazing parking spot — more on this later.  An eighties band played at six, followed by Jars of Clay.  I don’t know what I was expecting them to look like, but not like a bunch of dudes in t-shirts in jeans.  Jars of Clay, I don’t know, I kind of expected them to have a ‘larger than life’ attitude, which they (thankfully) did not.  It was a calm and surprisingly funny concert, followed by a little shopping (thanks for the poster, Jennif!) and gossip with Heidi before the final concert, the Newsboys.  Now, I have a deep love for the Newsboys as they were the band that got me into Christian music, and I have seen them twice before at Sonshine; still, I was not expecting their concert to blow me away like it did.  It was a fantastic way to end the weekend.


But oh no, the fun doesn’t stop there!  We still had to find the car — easy enough with my fabulous parking — and get out of Willmar.  It took half an hour to get out of the parking area, during which time a lovely little punk teenager tried to plastic fork-feed me Spam from a can.  I have never seen someone so disappointed as when I cracked the window and said, “I’m a vegetarian.”  So crestfallen.  He said something along the lines of Spam being great, so I said, “Of all the meats, I’m sure it is the best.”  Poor Spamboy.  I hope he found someone to take him up on his offer.

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