Sheesh, I’m tired…must be Monday.  Here’s how the weekend played out…Friday I drove in to St. Cloud to find Andy.  We ate at Fazoli’s because we’re classy like that.  It’s the greasiest food ever — always makes me think of Homer trying to determine the fat level in his food and rubbing it on the wall; the grease makes the wall turn clear and a bird crashes into it.  If I didn’t want to eat my pizza, I might try that sometime.


Back to the apartment, where Angi is having a party for friends who’ve just returned from abroad.  I had a really good time — everyone was friendly and I kind of hopped around.  When it got to be too much, Andy and I went for a walk and visited the fish pond.  So it was fun for me.  I’ve come to the odd decision that I actually like my life.  I’m sure to most others, Andy included, it’s kind of bizarre, mainly boring, and entirely scatterbrained.  I don’t care anymore.  I used to care a lot what people thought, but really, who didn’t in high school?  Now a year removed from that scene, I know that most of my classmates will eternally see me as a big nerd with no social life. I feel no need to changethat opinion, be they true or false.  It just doesn’t matter anymore.


But I digress…the party was excellent.  My favorite moment was Angi asking, “Do you want to dance with the pigtails?”  The pigtails belonging to Angi, of course.  Playing Apples-to-Apples to wind down and falling asleep during “Life of Brian” ended the night at about 3:30.  It was a good party, though if you ask Andy’s opinion, all he’ll say is “Ari and I were the only two straight men there.”  Hmph.  Yeah, well…that’s basically true, but…what of it?


We got coffee and walked around the Gardens the next morning, bummed around and went to Chipotle (I’ve dropped over $30 there in little over a week…holy shamoley) in the afternoon.  After Andy left I realized I hadn’t planned anything past that moment…so I blew bubbles.  Never fails to entertain me.  I would make a pretty good stoner.


That night I dreamed that me, my roommates, and all the gay men I know started a hockey team and wore gold glitter uniforms.  Yep.

Skip ahead to the evening…Lizz, Angi and I are watching Shawshank Redemption.  Karen is asleep and Kat is in bed reading.  The movie ends, Angi gets up and “Omigod!”  “What,” says Lizz, who then gets up and walks over to Angi and “Oh my God!”  Both staring off into the hallway.  This cannot be good.  “What is it?” I ask.  “Come and see, you have to come look,” says Angi.  Yep, definitely not good.  “I don’t want to.”  But I do anyway…and our hallway, which is carpet, is flooded.  Two seconds later…”Oh My God!” That was Kat from the bedroom.  Her bed is surrounded by water.

As far as we can tell, somebody obviously upset Poseidon because now our toilet is possessed and hates us.  We called security (call security for a broken toilet…who does that?  “Could you please secure our toilet?”) and the guard asked us if we were missing a cat.  Helpful.  Then I got friendly with the mop and every single towel in the apartment went into the hallway and then into our bathtub, soaked.  “So,” I said, “tomorrow morning we’ll all have to use the other shower…not that we’ll be able to dry off with anything.”  This sends me into hysterics because really, do we need another dilemma right now?  The answer is no, so we go to bed so we can get up in seven hours and face the day.

And wear shoes to breakfast.

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  1. Was this a freak occurance of Triton to send a tidal wave directly to your aprtment or did a pipe burst? You shouldn’t anger the gods…   And by the way.  I am a Heman Action figure in your little quiz.

  2. <TABLE id=HB_Mail_Container height=”100%” cellSpacing=0 cellPadding=0 width=”100%” border=0 UNSELECTABLE=”on”>
    <TR height=”100%” width=”100%” UNSELECTABLE=”on”>
    <TD id=HB_Focus_Element vAlign=top width=”100%” background=”” height=250 UNSELECTABLE=”off”>OH MY GOSH RACHEL!  Your life never ceases to amaze me!  I was laughing so hard!  You made my day happy!!!!  Which is kind of sad, but still!  LOL!!  I hope everything works out for the best!  Can I be the sports reporter for your gold glittering hockey team???
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