Something’s been bothering me.  I’ve tried to keep it bottled up inside but it’s wearing me down.  So here we go in a pointless ran.

So there’s this song by Nickelback called “Way Too Damn Good,” right, and I’ve heard it once and I hate it.  If you like this song, stop it.  Stop it right now. My reasoning lies in the lyrics.  Here’s a little sample:


“And it’s like…
Everytime I turn around
I fall in love and find my heart face down
And where it lands is when it should
This time it’s like
The two of us should probably start to fight
Cuz something’s gotta go wrong
Cuz I’m feelin’ way too damn good.”


And so on and so forth.  The first major problem with this song is that it’s whining about an admittedly good relationship.  Perhaps the band feels the only songs that yield hits are pessimistic ones, but this is taking it just a wee bit too far.  Second and far more troubling point:  Now, I could be wrong, but last time I checked, Nickelback was not a band of or for teenybopper valley girls.  So why the use of “It’s like” and “Way?”  People say these expressions a lot, I’ll give you that.  Under no circumstances, however, should people sing them.  Lizz suggested that if they cut the “Way” it would sound too much like — excuse me, way too much like — “Too Darn Hot.”  Though I have trouble believing anyone will accuse the band of plagiarizing Cole Porter, I can’t think of anything better myself.


Whew.  Thanks for listening.  I feel much better now.

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