Last night Liz, Kat, Angi, Rachel, Joe and Dickers watched “Pirates of the Caribbean” in one of the lecture halls of the SJU Art Building, which we’re technically probably most likely not supposed to be in at midnight.  Bad Lizkatangiracheljoedickers.  But as far as Wednesday night activity goes, what could be better than one art building, one hot pirate movie, six billion bags of junk food, four roommates, and two gay men?

(Long Pause)

So some of us have a different idea of fun than others.

One response

  1. It’ll all be okay Rachel- once you make it there to the cities, I’ll be weilding my nail polish like a sword of victory ( as if I’d travel without it!).  So there is some inspiration to think about as you are dodging construction and old people traffic.  Pretty nails.  And another thing, I have no idea how to change my time zone,  nor do I know how you know what time it is and I don’t know so why don’t you let me know. I guess I could tinker long and hard to figure it out just so you can sleep easier at night. I miss you and I am pumped to see you tomorrow! Woo! Six pack reunion! 

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