I’m a little bit sick today.  Just a sore throat, but I’m a wimp.  Then I was at work listening to the radio when I heard that report about pop ‘increasing risk’ of esophogus cancer.  Best bit?  I was literally mid swig of Coke at the time.  I froze, then finished the can.


I probably shouldn’t drink Coke when I’m sick anyway, but I needed help staying awake, which is odd, since I got like 9 hours of sleep last night.  My cell rang about half an hour after I went to sleep, so I started beating the crap out of the buttons on my alarm clock.  “Must be Angi’s,” I decided.  Yep.  ‘Cause Angi’s alarm clock always does the samba in the middle of the night.


I just kind of ramble on about myself in this thingie.  I’m not one for politics and sparking debate.  And about all I can tell you about current affairs is that Jimmy Fallon left SNL and I am sad.  And Tony Randall died and I am sadder.  Good think I’m a communication major.  Tell the public what they need to hear.


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