Tuesday started with me being hit in the face by a duck.  A stuffed duck.  Thank you Angi…no, seriously, thank you, because otherwise I wouldn’t have woken up to my alarm (where have we seen this scenario played out before???).  Doesn’t quite top Nate as the Dancing Alarm Clock of Screams, but still an all around effective wake up call.  And I went to work.  This part of the day we can basically skip; I stuff a lot of envelopes.  Thus far the highlight has been addressing an envelope to my high school science teacher’s wife and one to Angi’s sister, who didn’t even graduate from this school.  We don’t care, we’ll take her money anyway.


Been bonding with the roommates.  It’s a good time.  Krista, Karen, Kat, Liz, and Angi…girls who can handle my insanity, or overlook it.  Yes, I alphabetize my movies and CDs and books.  Yes, I rearrange posters and furniture for fun.  I am a freak.


Oh, FYI (I’m stealing my roommates’ personalities already!), don’t see “The Butterfly Effect.”  In the movie, Ashton Kutcher gains 40 years’ worth of memories in 1 year.  In the theater, you will feel like you’ve lost 40 years of your life to 1 movie.

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