Welcome to my insanity.  Jump right in, the water is warm.


Everyone left me.  It was like Survivor, except the one remaining is the loser.  One by one, we waved goodbye…To counteract all the evil in the world I decided to go to the salon (everything I know I learned from Barbie).  Chopped off all my hair again and good riddance.  Came back to see Sarah off — bad riddance.  I said goodbye to her, spent an hour with my mom, said goodbye to my mom and said “Hello, Victoria, tell me all your secrets.”  I just stood there, soaking in the goodness.  Then I looked at nail polish and shoes.  I didn’t buy anything — I guess I was just observing a day of mourning or something, in honor of my departed Frodo.


I won a free cd on the radio and five minutes later broke half my dishes.  Yep, that’s pretty much how the week seems to be going.  At least my apartment seems great, and my roommates I already know are amazing.  Work starts tomorrow.  I get to dress like an adult (Business Suit Barbie) and beyond that, I’m not sure.  Eek.  Maybe I’ll just go to sleep forever instead.

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