Yes, so I haven’t xanga-ed in a while but I swear there is a good reason.  I haven’t written down what I’ve been thinking for fear the girls would be upset with me.  (“Rachel, don’t talk about leaving!  Stop talking about it being the end of the year!” etc.)  But the time has come to study for finals, so I have no choice but to Xanga.  Either that or watch an elephant pee on Steve-O on mtv.  Truly tempting.

Can I just mention my birthday one more time?  It was excellent.  The random heat wave was just for me, I tell you.  So was bowling and the Dairy Queen cake and the beautiful hot pirates I have over my desk right now, and the picture frame and quote books and WOW everyone knows me so well.  My parents bought me exactly what I asked for.  My friends gave me things I didn’t even know I wanted…things I love because they reflect my friends so well.  I love my leather book (hey, it’s not like I’m going to eat it or anything…) as well, which so nicely started a two hour cry-a-thon.  You are all amazing.

But Jenna will always be my hero, baby.


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