Today is my last day of not being 19; today is the last day of my 19th year.  Today is the 366th (leap year and all) day I can say I’m 18.  Today I am wearing socks that say “Finally 18 — now all I have to do is grow up.”  Today I am going to ruminate on my birthday and all that it signifies…

Tomorrow is April 28.  According to my keychain, this was the day of the Mutinay against William Bligh on the Bounty in 1789; the day the League of Nations was formed in 1919; and the day Jack Nicholson was born.  I wouldn’t mind sharing my birthday with Jack, honestly, but since he was born on the 22nd I don’t see why I have to share my keychain with him.  The keychain goes on to predict my horoscope/personality.  I tend not to put a lot of stock in keychains, particularily ones with faulty facts as it is, but here’s what it says:

“People born on this day are always resourceful.”  (Hey, that’s not so bad…)
“They will be wary of people taking advantage.”  (We’re a paranoid bunch)
“Someone who can handle emergencies.”  (Trying to look past the sentence fragment and switched pronoun, this is still false.  I’m kind of useless in an emergency, except to know where the glucose tablets are)
“They are peace loving people.”  (Fellow April 28-er Saddam Husein begs to differ)

So I was born in 1985, right, the year of the cow.  And I happen to be born under the sign of Taurus, which is a bull.  Then my parents went and named me Rachel…which means Little Lamb.  I wasn’t born in a barn, but I do represent a majority of the barnyard animals.


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  1. I just wanted to be the first to wish you a Happy Xangaful Birthday!!!  Especially since it is also my birthday.  However, I am writing this on the 28th which makes it my actual birthday, so I can no longer say I am 20….which must mean I am 21! Yay!!!!  Anywho, happy birthday to my best Birthday Buddy in the whole entire world!  Hope you start enjoying your magnificent calendar that some incredible, dazzling, gorgeous, enthusiastic, loveable, and oh-so-sweet girl gave you.   Have a Fantabulous Day!  Love ya!(K)(K)

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