I’m too exhausted to worry about anything right now.  This is actually kind of nice.  I should wear myself out like this more often if it always comes with a trial subscription to Peace of Mind.

Yesterday I drove to North Dakota, did a little happy dance, and drove back.  No, wait, I did more than that while I was there…hmm…let’s see…saw Abby, Tony, Tony, and Rent.  That about covers the important stuff.  Mainly, though, in the past few days, I have seen my car and the road.  Driving is tiring…so I slept in my car.  I mean, I stopped the car first, because I was about to fall asleep on the highway.  Now I’m looking at my bed and noticing the lack of pillow.  Pretty sure that my pillow forgot to get in the car with me this morning.  It must have overslept.  Lucky pillow.

Oh wow, how can it be Wednesday tomorrow…definitely feels like it should be Monday.  That happens when you only go to class every other day.


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