You know what rocks?  I’ve had plans to see Rent since, Oh, Christmas.  And yet everyone and their dog has gone before me.  Oh well…I have seen it twice before, so I guess we’re even.  And I get to see it in the amazingly wonderful world that is North Dakota.  I’m just guessing on the wonderful part since I’ve never been there, but how can it not be amazing if Abby and the Tonys are there?  Something must be cool about it, right?


Well, whatever the case may be, I have high expectations for the next two weeks, during which time I’ll turn 19.  I’m catching up on y’all!

This weekend I did lots of things, lots of spiritually and intellectually stimulating things, but most importantly I bought new shoes.  They’re sweet, and I probably wouldn’t have bought them if I wasn’t on such a high from all the Sarah-Nate-shopping-free-underwear-from-VS craziness.  Good thing I did, because it’s not like I have too many shoes or anything.  Not like they’re takiing over an entire corner of my room at school, having already destroyed my room at home.  Nope, not like that at all.  I definitely needed these shoes.

Second in excitement only to kickass shoes would be the quality time spent with Anna and all at Space Aliens; Sarah and Nate the shopaholics; sotally tober Keely, Kristin, and Jenna; and Andy, who fails to understand the importance of not standing up on the bus until it is your turn.  I guess it’s kind of silly, but being Lutheran and all I just assumed it was one of those Catholic mortal sins or something and decided not to question it.


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    Rachel #1 there is no such thing as too many shoes!!!!!!!
    #2 Standing up on the bus is the worst possible mortal sin you could ever commit!  It is worse than adultery!  I mean common it’s in the ten commandments.  It’s like The Big Ten you know there’s actually 11!  Thou shalt not stand up before your turn or thou shal be worse off than an adulterous!  Or is it number like 5.5?  I’m not quite sure!
    I love you!  I worked so hard w/ you today!!!
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