So everyone keeps getting talking about this whole ‘leaving school…three weeks left…oh so sad’ business.  Well, I’m not leaving, so this is not a conversation I can really participate in.  I mean, I’m sad everyone’s leaving and all…but I’m moving, like, two minutes away.  I’m wagering I’ll autopilot it back to Corona a couple times this summer before I remember I don’t live here anymore.

Now there’s an odd thought…but what I really can’t comprehend is the fact that I’ve lived here this long already.  Has it really been 8 months since I moved here?  Have I really only known these girls for 8 months?  And here’s a scary thought…am I really 1/4 of the way through with my college career??? What?  I’ve learned how to ‘learn nothing but act like I know everything’ (the way to an A, according to a kid in my Spanish class), but that’s about it…But maybe that’s all I need to know, really.


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