What’s wrong with this picture?  Hmm?

How ’bout the fact that I’m awake? And I have class in four and a half hours, which means bus in four hours, which means wake-wakey time in three and a half hours, which means bedtime was a good four hours ago.  But you know how when you know you need to get to sleep right now, you can’t?  I’ve turned into a freaking insomniac.  I was in bed for two hours…then decided I could tire myself out by doing homework and productive stuff.

Hence the need for a Xanga.

The only bit of pressing information I can really relay to you, the general public (all two of you…hi Keely and Sarah, oh devoted fans), is that “Ella Enchanted” is the worst movie in the world.  Seriously.  Worse than “Hollow Man” and I wanted every character in that movie to die.  “Ella Enchanted” is an excellent book (which is the only reason I went to the miserable movie) but it was beaten and torn and killed in this movie version.  I wanted to kill myself in the eye the entire time I was in the theater, and for a significant amount of time afterwards too.

Sorry to Lacy for the ten minute rant that ensued.  Not sorry to Eric.  Sorry to the General Public for my apparant violence this evening/morning.  MotherFREAKING insomnia.

The good news is that my fortune cookie told me I will get something new within the week, and Victoria’s Secret sent me a gift certificate for a free pair of panties.  Cookies don’t lie, man.  Probably ’cause they can’t talk.


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