So Easter was great.  I spent Wednesday with my parents and Thursday with Lacy.  We went to a coffee shop, Last Stop CD Shop where I bought “Death Becomes Her” (excellent indeed), and yoga class, where I learned I can walk on my knees in the lotus position.  So talented, I know.  Let’s see, Thursday I spent with Lacy…Friday, Lacy…and a little Becca too.  Saturday, Lacy…and Sunday, Easter, my mom’s sister’s husband’s family at the community center.  And then Lacy and Becca.

Monday everyone was gone so I hung out with my cat before coming back to school.

So I spent a grand total of like five minutes with my dad.  It went like this:
Rachel’s Kitchen, Wednesday evening…
Dad:  “So how’s school going?”
Me:  “Oh, it’s good, you know I’m taking some classes –”
Dad:  “Oh.  Have you seen the dog?”
Me:  (Blink) “Um, yeah, I can see her from here.” (I could be standing six inches from the dog and he will still ask me this.  Never fails)
Dad:  “Oh.  When are you going back to school then?”
Me:  “Not until Monday.”
Dad:  “Oh.” (Pause) “Good to have you home, honey.”

Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday…repeat.  Monday, call dad from cell phone once I get back to school:
Dad:  “When are you coming home again?”
Me:  (Muffled scream, sound of breaking glass)
Dad:  “Oh.  Well, we’ll see ya, I’m going to walk the dog.”

He definitely loves the dog, and I’m pretty sure he loves me too.  But I was here first.

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