Guess what I did on Friday?  Slept through my alarm!  Who’s surprised!  Not me!

Saturday I caught up on sleep — set my alarm to get up at 1, and no, I didn’t sleep through it that time.  Then I managed four hours of nothing before getting into a major fight with the copy machine.  It is the devil.  Do not mention its name in my presence (as far as I know, its name is simply Copy Machine, but it could be Bob, so just to be safe don’t say Bob around me either) or you will be shot.  I mean, it was an all out brawl…technology hates me.  Only my Lumina seems to like me, and I’m working on taming my computer.  And my cell phone, I suppose, but only because it is older than dirt and most other cell phones, therefore it is at about my level of technological awareness.  Anyway, then to the closing show of Kiss Me, Kate, where Sarah did amazing as always.  I was almost sad for a minute — staring at boys in tights for five hours a night isn’t all bad, after all — because it seemed to be the only thing tying Sarah down here.  What am I going to do next year with no one to go spastic crazy with me?  I’ll sit in the laundry room with a bag of popcorn all by myself…or maybe I’ll run away.  And maybe on one of those running away days I’ll show up at Sarah’s school, wherever that may be, with a bag of popcorn.  And a map to the closest VS.

Sunday I did the amazing driving home, drive to Chanhassen with mom thing.  “Cats” was great, and I met Kevin’s girlfriend, Angie.  She’s really pretty and very quiet, but this is possibly because she couldn’t get a word in around my family.  Anyway, like I said, the show was good, but halfway through I almost lost it when the phrase “Bastard Cat” popped into my head unexpectedly.  It was difficult not to let it slip out, either; let’s call it my great accomplishment of the weekend that I didn’t display my newfound language skills around my mom.  She doesn’t need to know I know those words.  Let’s let her believe “Gosh” and “Golly gee” are the strongest cusses in my vocabulary.

And I don’t want anyone to tell her differently, dammit.

Monday I drove back up, did the art class thing (after the skipping symposium thing) and the sports writing thing.  CK is doing the visiting thing today, so I thought ahead and did most of my homework yesterday.  Sometimes I’m amazing like that.


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