Why me?

Sigh.  I suppose I better explain.  Well.  Remember how I’m sick and all that?  And how that non-drowsy medicine seemed to have no effect on me?  Ha!  What a lie!  I went to bed at 1 AM and did not fall asleep until after 4:30.  I heard every move Jenna made and continually woke up in a panic…but when I should have woken up, at 8:30, I was completely out, of course.  I woke up to a gentle whispering…”Rachel…Raaaaaaaaachel….”  I came to in time for the door to close behind Anna, and I looked at my clock.  9:20; last bus is at 9:26.  I set my alarm for PM.  So in a wonderfully frazzled state, I dressed in five minutes and booked it out the door with Anna…just in time to see the bus pull away!  I love it!  So we went to my car…me cussing as best I can and Anna laughing at me the whole way and saying, “Somebody’s got a case of the Mondays!”

And we drove, me without my license on hand and knowing I have no where to park.  Anyway.  We got to the parking lot — where I’m not supposed to park — at about 9:45.  Class started at 9:40.  I apologize for my stupidity to Anna.  When we got out of the car, Anna said, “Give me your keys, I’ll take the car back after my class!”  This made sense, since I have class here until 3:50.

I can see myself giving her the keys almost in slow motion in my mind.  I can also see myself walking into my empty symposium classroom, realization dawning on me.  Padget came in two seconds later and reaffirmed my suspicions.  Class…had been cancelled.

Oh, sweet irony!  Oh, cruel fate!  Oh, damn bus schedule!

So what’s a girl to do?  Can’t move the car to avoid a ticket, can’t pull Anna (and my keys) out of her class, can’t go back to my room since I still have a 1:00 class to wait for.  Can’t scream in a public place.  I know what I need, and I need it badly.


Then the computer, which leads me to MSN, which leads me to Angi, who is also stranded at SJU.  First (and possibly only) good thing of the day is meeting with Angi for over an hour.  Now I’m waiting for art class, my blood pressure returning to normal…urge to kill….fading….


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