So I’ve figured something out.  Nothing like what I’m going to do with my life, my summer, my job, my state of mind.  No, I’ve figured out something important.  I have figured out 1)why I want to be a journalist, and 2) why I always fall for nerds.

Besides the fact that I am one, of course.

It all goes back to childhood, my friends.  In mine, I spent a good amount of time following my brother around.  Okay, an absurd amount of time.  During those early years, I spent a lot more time with GI Joes than Barbies, and watched Batman and He-Man and Superman more than anything else.  These held a lot of influence over me.

I promise I’m coming to a point.

Anyway, today I was listening to “Jimmy Olson’s Blues” by Spin Doctors, which is a song about Superman and Lois Lane.  Lois Lane who is a journalist.  Superman who is Clark Kent who is a nerd.  Epiphany!  On some subconscious level, I want to be Lois Lane and I want to meet a nerd who will secretly be able to fly.  (I guess Superman does other stuff too, like save people, but all I really care about is the flying aspect.)

If I do not end up achieving this most worthy of goals (i.e., marrying Superman), then I will just go back to my other childhood goal and strive to be Ariel from the Little Mermaid.


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