This is my last moment of procrastination for the evening.  I’m almost certain that I could be telling the truth.  I have two tests tomorrow, but then that’s it!  Then I get to go home!  Sigh…I love going home, it’s so stress-free.  Since I won’t be able to do it at all over spring break, I need to get in my moment of peace this weekend….

Today was beautiful.  The weather was amazing; everything was so warm and peaceful.  Wham!  …peaceful, that is, if you ignore the ginormous hunks of ice and snow falling from the roof.  The art building at SJU tried to kill me today with such a weapon and missed me by a mere three feet.  I spent a good twenty seconds staring at the door and wondering how I would make it through without being brutally attacked….start up the Indiana Jones music…I took a run for it.  And I lived!  Ha!  Take that, art building!

“The problem with real life is, there’s no danger music.” ~Jim Carrey


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