I like living in a dorm because entering a different room is like entering a parallel universe.  Observe:

We start our travels in the room of Jenna and Rachel.  This room consists of a lot of soft, crammed in furniture that promotes an atmosphere of naptime.  In this room, we are usually either sleeping, trying to sleep, or wishing we are sleeping.  A good part of our waking hours (hour) is spent back in Jenna’s bed, watching movies or tv or doing homework, such as planning out our lives.  We’re a peaceful people in K12; just don’t dare talk to us about isomers.

Head down the hall to Sarah and Keely’s room, the haunted land that is K13, and we find ourselves in a world where life is a musical.  And what a happy world it is, what with all the weddings and all.  In this room , everyone can ‘go the distance’, can carry the banner, can Kiss Me Kate!  The only problem is…it’s too darn hot.

Next we find ourselves in the room of Anna and Michelle, and look out, because something crazy is usually happening in here.  Whether we’re watching sweet football games, taking dance lessons, playing loud and obnoxious games, or pumping balls (teehee) two things are certain:  1) Everyone will have fun, and 2) Someone, if not everyone, will fall down and start geeking it up.

So that’s what I do all day.  I walk from room to room.  My room for sleepytime, Sarah and Keely’s for the romantic side of life, and Anna and Michelle’s for that much-needed moment of slapstick comedy.

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