It doesn’t look like anyone actually reads this thingie that I do here, and it appears that I am a total loser and I like talking to myself; but the fact of the matter is that I am scolded daily for my lack of Xangafication.  And I like talking to myself.


You know how some people have soap operas?  Their ‘stories’ that they can never miss?  Well, I have Heart of the City at  I check it daily for my fix of comic goodness.


Damn, I really have nothing to say today, besides the fact that I am addicted to coffee shops, I’m back on Coke, congratulations to the RCW one-actors, Sarah was easier to catch when she was broken, “Shopgirl” is an excellent book, Anna is the best Superbowl Buddy ever, I spent 14 hours of my life with Korean drummers and I’m not getting that time back, and that’s it.  That’s the entire contents of my mind, spilled out for all to see.

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