I’ve decided to ‘shake things up a bit’ and xanga twice in one day.  Mainly I want to see if Keely really does what she says (“I check your Xanga all the time!”) and checks twice in one day.  If Keely does I will be happy.  If Keely doesn’t that’s okay too; I still love her.  No matter when Keely reads this, however, Keely will be happy because I actually mentioned her name (Keely) in my xanga (that’s six times, Keely — oops, nope, make that seven!).

But it turns out that, besides Keely’s name, I really have nothing interesting to say.  My Spanish class was cancelled for tomorrow so I have no immediate homework; therefore I have started a new book.  I bought both “Shopgirl” and “Umbrella Man” over the weekend when I lost my sanity and thought I might find it in the fiction section of Barnes and Noble.

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