I got up this morning and looked at weather.com.  “26 degrees?  That’s barely even cold!”  I went out to the bus and admired the gently falling snow, thinking happy thoughts.  Then I got off the bus at St. John’s and was nearly transported to Oz by the killer brutal wind of death that somehow developed in my ten minute trip.  I was literally blown down the stairs…okay, just one step, but that counts!

Some people have goals.  I do not have the attention span for something like that.  My goals are all about the here and now:  I will get out of bed today.  I will not fall asleep in class.  I will take a nap now.  I will do my homework now.  I will go to bed.  I have come to the conclusion that my main goal — some might say it’s my calling, my reason for living — is to sleep.  I wake up against my will, I force myself to stay awake, I force myself to do my homework so that I can go back to bed without anything to worry about, and I finally go to sleep.  Plus, the only truly interesting things that ever happen to me happen in my dreams.  The other night, I dreamed Abby and Tony came to visit me and then I stole their car and went off-roading.

See?  When would Abby and Tony ever visit me in the real world?

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  1. What are you talking about???  Renville is very interesting….:-S  You can give a history of all the Sugar Beet Days ever!  Or you can talk about the cool people who come from Renville….like me.

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