I really have to say, my home computer is an amazing piece of work. Sometimes it doesn’t like the color scheme of things and it decides to make everything lime green. Other times it fails to recognize the letter “V” (okay, that only happened once.) Every time I turn it on, it asks me what options I would prefer for flying through space.

So Wednesday began pretty well; at 12:01 I went to “Lord of the Rings: Return of the King” and it was fabulous! Then I got sick…it had nothing to do with getting too little sleep! I will not blame the movie! I had to leave my one and only final halfway through, which was less than exciting. Then I took off for home, by way of campus, where I needed to drop off a paper and accidentally wound up in the monastery (it’s best not to ask). When I got home I was pretty excited that my roommate’s fish had survived the trip. I opened my bag and realized their food had spilled over all my clean clothes and wasn’t quite so excited.

I’ve been doing a whole lot of nothing since Wednesday. Laundry, attempting to get the fish food scent out of my clothes. Watching daytime television. What an exciting life I do lead. Basically I’m living for the drugs right now. If I seem a little bit cranky, it’s because my fever has finally broken and things aren’t as amusing to me as they were when I was hallucinating.

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