Merry Christmas Minus Ten Days!!!!

Because we won’t be here for actual Christmas, and because my roommate couldn’t wait any longer to open her gifts, Michelle, Anna, Sarah, Keely, Jenna, Jennif and I celebrated today!  Or should I say Smelly Shelly, Bananna, Sar, Kiwi, The EMT,…um…Jennif, and Peanut?  Yes.  Yes, I should.

First, we looked at all the pretty wrapped gifts, then we openned the presents, except I didn’t actually wrap mine, so it wasn’t really all that cool…what was the coolest part?  Matching superhero outfits, except without the spandex and in t-shirt form, from Sarah!  Yay for the Six Pack (plus one)!  What’s cooler than us wearing matching t-shirts?  Pictures of us wearing matching t-shirts!

So, we bounded down the hall in our supercool outfits, completely forgetting about quiet hours (sorry), and got RA Laura to take some pictures.  We got all of the front view, but we wanted some of the back with our nicknames.  So the seven of us were getting a little hectic trying to figure out how to manuever in the hallway.  Perhaps it was just a little too much for our dear Bananna…because two seconds later it was clonk!….Aaaaand, we’re out.

Flashback:  Anna says she’s feeling odd because of her hypoglycemia.  Rachel says, “So everybody knows, Anna’s glucose tablets are in her medicine cabinet!”  Nobody takes note of this….

Flashforward:  Peanut says, “Glucose tablets!  Medicine cabinet!  Now!”  Now people notice…Kiwi says, “You have to open the door first!”  Oh, right…

The EMT set right to work, doing what she does, saving lives left and right…Sar directs traffic like a madman (“KEEP MOVING!”)…Kiwi and Smelly Shelly handle the glucose and juice like it’s their job…Jennif remains calm…and Peanut observes…

Six girls huddled on the floor of the hallway around a semi-conscious seventh, all wearing “Six Pack” t-shirts and shouting about juice…cameras scattered and gawkers sent quickly on their way…just another manic Monday…

We just needed a crisis to christen our t-shirts and our superhero alter-egos.  But we’re fine now, thanks to the wonders of…The Six Pack (mainly The EMT, but hey, not everybody can be the medical superhero.  Somebody needs to be the documentation superhero too).

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  1. hey rachel, listen to this crazy story, i was looking at your “sites i read” list and went to that somedaymyprincewillcome one and checked out her comments on her latest post (dont know why?) but there was this skasaxaphone person that commented, since i play alto saxamaphone and love it, I thought i’d check it out, and he goes to school at UND and his name is andrew, and here’s the crazy part, I’m pretty sure he lives on my floor like a room down, cause theres an andrew who plays saxaphone on my floor here a room down or so. hows that for a CRAZY story?!

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